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Who is Casey Anthony? Book by Dr. Leslie I Foreword by Mark Geragos, Criminal Defense Attorney
Excuse Free Living
Who Is Casey Anthony?
Dr. Leslie Seppinni

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FOREWORD by Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Geragos

In nearly three decades, I have tried many cases.

Many of them highly publicized. But it’s rare that a case captures the public imagination like the Casey Anthony trial. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but foremost is the societal perception of women and – to a greater degree – mothers in general. With remarkable frequency, our perceptions of mothers are spoiled with the taint of hope rather than truth. We want to believe that because a woman has carried a child and given birth to a child, that her intentions will always be pure and selfless, but as Dr. Leslie Seppinni successfully argues, mothers are human beings first, women second, and mothers third. Who we want them to be simply isn’t who they always are.

In her debut book, ‘’ Dr. Leslie Seppinni - a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Crisis Intervention Specialist – provides a thoroughly researched and carefully reasoned portrait of Casey Anthony as a woman, mother, and cold-blooded killer. As Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, became pivotal figures in the trial, the public became fascinated with Casey’s background and the formation of her psychological makeup. After her family, friends, and previous co-workers gave numerous statements and interviews, intimately testifying under oath, the public by and large came to the conclusion that Casey was not only an unfit mother, but that she was entirely capable of going on a one-month party binge as her little girl rotted in a swamp close to home. Carefully analyzing the statements, interviews, and testimony of those involved with the trial, as well as past cases of women who have murdered their children, Dr. Seppinni pieced together the authoritative psychological assessment of Casey Anthony and her motherly motivation to murder.

Unlike other books and experts surrounding the Casey Anthony story and trial, Dr. Seppinni focused on more than the public’s outcry of justice for Caylee. She probed deeper into the sociological significance of Casey’s alleged actions. What do Casey’s actions mean for women? What do they demonstrate about a woman’s potential? And how can we use the Casey Anthony trial as a template to better protect our children?

With Casey Anthony, we have a woman who had the characteristics of a killer all along, but because of society’s need to believe that women and particularly mothers are incapable of such heinous acts, we have a hard time admitting the truth out loud and preventing it. Dr. Seppinni argues that it’s easier for us to believe in our ideal of mothers as the ultimate nurturers with endless bounds of love rather than to believe that some succumb to their selfish tendencies and their human nature. After all, we ask, if our mother doesn’t love us, then who will?

’ argues that we must gain a more balanced view of women in order to permit justice, the protection of our children, and the larger picture of human rights. Dr. Seppinni’s book reminds the reader that in order to move forward, our society must come to accept that women, like men, have the same lust for power, dominance, love, money, lifestyle and, in some cases, revenge.

But the decision, of course, is up to you. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what’s more important? Our time-treasured view of motherhood and mothers as sacred? Or the lives of children like Caylee Anthony?

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