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Find Your Inner Rock Star for Less

Despite soaring unemployment rates, you can still express your inner rock star, refresh your look, and find an inexpensive and fun way to express yourself. There is an inner rock star in all of us and with simple cost-effective appearance changes, you too can feel revitalized without the rock star drama. Are you one of those people who must have the latest hot jeans, trendy shoes, and a revolving door of arm candy, but you’re cash poor after club door fees and bar bills? Then isn’t it time to simplify the drama in your life? What if your inner rock star could make changes without running up credit card bills, paying high interest rates, returning items, or paying the rent late?

These days you can find hair dye, root touch-up, and highlighting products on sale regularly for as low as $4.99. Try inviting a few girls over for a hair dyeing party. Rather than window shopping at the mall and thinking about all that you can’t afford, create a clothes party with neighbors, friends, and family. Ask a friend whose look you admire to share some of her make-up, hair, and clothing secrets. Making a whole new outfit out of an old one can be as simple as taking some risks, and as easy as taking a top you already have in your closet and adding a camisole. Be sure to check out the back of your closet. You will be shocked what you find there that’s back in style.

Bring your old clothes into one of the many clothing stores that will do trades. Or, you can have the store sell your clothes and give you a percentage of the sale price. That money goes back in your pocket to pay for some new clothes. Remember that these days the only one who cares about who designed your jeans is you. Men are not looking for the label. They’re looking at the “junk in your trunk.” These days you no longer have to spend $200 to get a great pair of jeans. It’s possible to find jeans that look amazing, fit your body, and no longer show the crack of your butt for as low as $40.

Polishing nails is no longer just for women. Men are expressing their inner rock star by putting on nail polish. They’re also making inexpensive leather bracelets to wear, or tying on a mid-size cotton scarf that can transform a plain shirt into a hip sexy look.

Sunglasses can give you that mysterious look for $5 and up. Your husband’s old worn-out leather belt can now be an accessory for you. You can find cheap costume jewelry at Target, Wal-Mart, or The Limited that make your outfit look expensive. A good- looking inexpensive watch in a color can make up for a lack of jewelry and add some funkiness to your look. Patterned stockings and leggings are an inexpensive way of changing the look of a dress.

Make dressing a fun creative activity. Put your clothes out on your bed and ask your kid(s) what they think. Kids often know what’s in fashion before adults do.

Finally, finding your inner rock star can be as simple as a flower in your hair, a new fragrance, or a hot bra underneath a shear shirt with a small jacket thrown over it.

Find your inner rock star. Make your life Excuse Free!

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Too Young for A Midlife Crisis

By Lindsay Minnema in the Washington Post

Armed with a degree in political science from Northeastern University, Heidi Buchanan came to the District in June 2006 to find her dream job in public policy. What she found instead was that life after college wasn’t all she had hoped it would be.


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The Nation’s Emotional Anguish: Harsh Economic Reality

Today I had my fourth conversation in the last two weeks with friends who have in no uncertain terms wanted to commit suicide. These are not attention getting threats. They see no way out of this economic disaster. They are at a stage of their life, late 40’s through late 60’s, in which rebuilding seems exhausting, insufferable and for some impossible. In addition, my voice mail is full of requests for psychotherapy from people suffering from depression, suicidal ideation and the emotional problems stemming from the economy.


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