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Prevention & Gratitude Working Together Can Save Lives: An Excuse Free Case–196429351.html

The article above for me is not about the sensationalism of the so-called, ‘Plot-Cannibal-Cop’ but, the prevention of the murder, rape & kidnaping of innocent lives.

During my years working as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, Police assistance in some cases was absolutely necessary. However, growing up with irresponsible parents made me hyper-responsible. Since I was little one of my favorite sayings has been, “Lee me lone”. The result, part of my self-confidence is intrinsically connected to my ability to realize, “no one is the boss of me” and I’m not speaking about work.

The point? Although, I believe in following the Law, I do not like authority.

No matter where you live in this beautiful country law enforcement, and the Justice system need morale building and positive acknowledgement. If we want worthy individuals to serve and stay in law enforcement we must do our part to encourage them rather than blame them.

We need the media and our own conversations to be more fairly balanced. Public acknowledgement contributes to a positive work incentive to prevent crime before it happens. Do I like the idea of being policed? As I said before, “No” but, I respect that it is a necessary part of our society and we must provide positive emotional support for law enforcement not just when an officer or civil servant is killed but, when they do an outstanding job.

Thank you NYC Police Dept., FBI & Justice System for one of many examples that the system can work beginning with a keen eye for prevention. A nod, thank you or smile goes along way in law enforcements day when they mostly hear complaints and experience fear and in some cases loathing by the media and public.

Make it an Excuse Free Life!!!

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“Reborn Dolls” Provide Comfort to Middle-Age Women

Over the years I have seen a variety of life like manufactured dolls. But, never have I heard of a doll that is indistinguishable from a real baby. In Australia it was reported that a police officer broke into a woman’s car believing a baby was left behind and unresponsive. As the story has been told, bystanders were also frightened that the baby was ill and in danger. All were shocked at the discovery that the “baby” was a “Reborn Doll”.

Reborn Dolls are vinyl dolls that are repurposed by manufacturers who employ re-doll artists to transform them into women’s dream babies.

I believe the best purpose for these dolls is to help people thinking about or getting ready for a new baby. Research has also shown that holding a baby has a hormonal calming affect particularly in women who suffer from anxiety (Not due to the loss of a real baby).

However, after watching a recent Today show piece featuring women who often own not one doll but several dolls in the various states of aging. One woman’s obsession was so extreme that she had acquired 16 Reborn Dolls and her husband built a nursery for them.

As I watched, I realized these women had one commonality they were all middle-aged. Many of these women were empty nesters, feared aging or denial of their feelings at the loss of their reproductive years. These women carry their dolls in baskets, car seats and baby carriages. They dress them and build their life around them.

If you see yourself as anyone of these women than seek the assistance of friends, family, psychotherapy or join a support group. You need to create new coping strategies and re-evaluate your relationship with yourself and your significant other. Go to counseling, travel or get a job but, get out of denial and embrace the transition to a new stage of your life.

Better than that spend your time and energy into volunteering at a hospital were real babies need to be held.

Baby boom: Lifelike ‘reborn dolls’ gain popularity
Video on American doll collectors are seeking out “reborns,” realistic baby dolls that come with birth or adoption certificates, and some are taking collecting to an extreme.

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Facebook Fan Harvey Trent 2nd Response: Yell Fire


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My Response to Facebook Fan Trent Harvey: Don’t Assume Someone Else Will Take Care of It

You’re preaching to the choir. I have 10 years of experience in Crisis Intervention Homicide/Suicide check out my bio. Zimmerman, the shooter was known to the community as a neighborhood watch guy. I doubt know one new who he was when he was chasing and bullying Trayvon. Zimmerman sits in his car regularly patrolling the gated community believe people know him otherwise he’d look like some pervert spying on everyone.

I am not saying be an idiot and don’t take precautions. But, this is a case someone may have at least tried to step up. Maybe, I have a different experience having grown up in foster care, mixed race and on Welfare. I grew were you don’t just close the blinds when something is happening in the moment. I’m a street kid from NY. I have 3 brothers and I have asked each one what would they have done they all said they would go check out what is happening when someone is screaming help. I did not say jump in and try to be a hero.

However, too many people are afraid of conflict, confrontation or just don’t want to be bothered. On the show, “What would you do?” 100 people stepped over a man in the middle of the sidewalk. An elderly woman who was a stranger to the man kept pleading for someone to help the man. Finally, a woman stopped and asked what was going on. It was as simple as a cell phone call to 911 for the man to go to the hospital. My point is it doesn’t have to be as extreme as the murder of Trayvon but if someone is yelling help don’t assume someone else will take care of it.

I don’t expect all people to have courage under fire. Absolutely, we are all human. But, I think it’s time to at least have a dialogue. More people need to realize they are not automatic victims or keep their head down. This affects people in all areas of their lives. I am not trying to be righteous or machisma I am asking people to be more thoughtful of others and help where they can.

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