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Jodi Arias Claims Self-Defense After Stabbing Ex-boyfriend 27 times, Shooting Him in the Head and Mutilating his Body

Jodi Arias’s claims she killed her Ex-boyfriend, Alexander in self-defense. Jodi’s trial is underway and after reading the evidence thus far produced in this case, she makes Casey Anthony look innocent and that’s hard to do. There are so many holes in her alibi a spagetti strainer is now a cutting board. Here is the most recent update to her incredible animalistic and horrifying murderous act. I say, “Convict, Convict, Convict!” with Zero Chance for Parole. See what you think below:

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Dr. Leslie’s Top 10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Have a 3-Some with Their Wife

10. She goes to Prison for beating you with an Aluminum Bat
9. You Never Look at Your Wife the Same: All you can think is
8. You let her pick the 3rd Person & She Picks a Coyote-Ugly Woman
7. During You Realize You are Face to Face with Another Naked Man
6. You realize it’s time to come out of the closet
5. Your Kids Walk in on You-tell their friends-who tell thier parents
and so on…
4. His Penis Size is Bigger than Yours
3. Your Wife Digs the Other Woman More than She Digs You
2. Prison for Assaulting the Other Guy after Inviting Him to Screw Your Wife is Never Good

And the #1 Reason is: Vanilla Sex is far Cheaper than a Divorce (especially in the State of California where She May Get Half– You Dummy!)

Moral to the Story Below Be Careful What You Wish for?

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Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Sage Stallon’s Funeral

The idea of such an act is Anti-God, & Anti-Love. It lacks humanity, empathy and respect for this young man’s life. ABSOLUTELY SICKENING. If you don’t like his father you have a right to your feelings. But, DO NOT desecrate the right of his son to be laid to rest in peace. His life, like all life should be treated with dignity.

Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Sage Stallone’s Funeral
Members of the Westboro Baptist Church have been called to picket actor Sage Stallone’s funeral.

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