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My Weight Gain Management at the Holidays!

Most holiday seasons I am able to control the battle of the bulge. However, this holiday season even with my expertise in emotional weight gain, I just don’t feel like being my normal well disciplined emotionally managed self. I don’t know about you but this year I would like to run through a minefield of potatoes, pizza, chocolate, bread, pasta, pie, butter, muffins, quesadillas, just anything and everything with total reckless abandon. Why? Because I am human, a woman who is still a child at heart, who doesn’t want to think about health, weight gain and loss, fitting into my jeans, portion control, water, sugar, salt, am I still attractive and who’s watching me and on and on.

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What’s YOUR Excuse? Five people will be chosen for free life coaching!

What’s YOUR Excuse?

FIVE PEOPLE will be chosen to have an
Excuse Free(tm) Living New Year!

Forget News Year’s Resolutions that leave YOU in a repetitive cycle of stop and start, success then failure, and goals that have no realistic plan.


“Do My Dreams Match my Reality?”

“What is My Worst Fear?”

“Has the Economy affected my self-esteem, my ability to provide, or do I have to leave a career behind and start over?”

In YOUR FREE SIX Excuse Free(tm) Life Coaching Sessions:

  1. You will create a five year vision of YOUR Excuse Free(tm) Life
  2. Plan structured concrete goals to achieve YOUR passion, dreams and build relationships (zero psychobabble)
  3. You will learn to manage your emotions
  4. Communicate effectively with Positive Boundaries
  5. Learn Dr. Leslie’s 4 C’s and 8 steps that you can use in all areas of your life for life!


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The ‘Real Housewives’: Fake Women Coast To Coast

The reality series “Real Housewives of…” sets an all new precedent for today’s women. It should really be called “What a Bitch You Can Become with Too Much Money and Free Time.”


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Spring Cleaning: Tips to get your sexy summer body

Have you fallen off the New Year’s wagon? Sure, we all made our resolutions this January and by now, most of those have fallen by the wayside. Don’t be discouraged! On average, a person gains 8 pounds during the winter and holiday season. After all, our bodies are working to keep us warm and those holiday treats are just plain yummy! Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time to take advantage of the warmer weather and celebrate the same rebirth and growth as the flowers blooming around us. Spring is the perfect time to get back on track and make a new commitment to that bikini body you’ve been dreaming of. As you’re “spring cleaning” your house and lightening your load this season, treat your body to the same and lose those unwanted layers!

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