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Prevention & Gratitude Working Together Can Save Lives: An Excuse Free Case–196429351.html

The article above for me is not about the sensationalism of the so-called, ‘Plot-Cannibal-Cop’ but, the prevention of the murder, rape & kidnaping of innocent lives.

During my years working as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, Police assistance in some cases was absolutely necessary. However, growing up with irresponsible parents made me hyper-responsible. Since I was little one of my favorite sayings has been, “Lee me lone”. The result, part of my self-confidence is intrinsically connected to my ability to realize, “no one is the boss of me” and I’m not speaking about work.

The point? Although, I believe in following the Law, I do not like authority.

No matter where you live in this beautiful country law enforcement, and the Justice system need morale building and positive acknowledgement. If we want worthy individuals to serve and stay in law enforcement we must do our part to encourage them rather than blame them.

We need the media and our own conversations to be more fairly balanced. Public acknowledgement contributes to a positive work incentive to prevent crime before it happens. Do I like the idea of being policed? As I said before, “No” but, I respect that it is a necessary part of our society and we must provide positive emotional support for law enforcement not just when an officer or civil servant is killed but, when they do an outstanding job.

Thank you NYC Police Dept., FBI & Justice System for one of many examples that the system can work beginning with a keen eye for prevention. A nod, thank you or smile goes along way in law enforcements day when they mostly hear complaints and experience fear and in some cases loathing by the media and public.

Make it an Excuse Free Life!!!

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Jodi Arias Claims Self-Defense After Stabbing Ex-boyfriend 27 times, Shooting Him in the Head and Mutilating his Body

Jodi Arias’s claims she killed her Ex-boyfriend, Alexander in self-defense. Jodi’s trial is underway and after reading the evidence thus far produced in this case, she makes Casey Anthony look innocent and that’s hard to do. There are so many holes in her alibi a spagetti strainer is now a cutting board. Here is the most recent update to her incredible animalistic and horrifying murderous act. I say, “Convict, Convict, Convict!” with Zero Chance for Parole. See what you think below:

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