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Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Sage Stallon’s Funeral

The idea of such an act is Anti-God, & Anti-Love. It lacks humanity, empathy and respect for this young man’s life. ABSOLUTELY SICKENING. If you don’t like his father you have a right to your feelings. But, DO NOT desecrate the right of his son to be laid to rest in peace. His life, like all life should be treated with dignity.

Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Sage Stallone’s Funeral
Members of the Westboro Baptist Church have been called to picket actor Sage Stallone’s funeral.

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The Death of Child is the Greatest Human Loss

I remember the first time I heard of Sly Stallone. I had just come from N.Y. to L.A.. My brother, Kevin took me to see Rocky I. I have seen it multiple times since then. At the time I was home sick for N.Y., so I kept a scrape book of Mr. Stallone, who reminded me of the neighborhood guys in Queens. I had such a crush.

Years later, My brother Darrin’s son, Anthony (my nephew) just a few weeks shy of his 3rd birthday would be killed in a car accident. His mother had been drinking and driving on a Sunday afternoon while my brother was at work. Instead, of securely fastened in his car seat. Anthony was in the front passenger seat with the window down. His mother had him hold a hot pizza on his lap and used a seat belt built made for an adult. As she sped around a center divider, the car rolled over and Anthony went out the window. If he had been in a car seat his head would have been protected and the doctors said he would have survived. It’s been 20 plus years since my nephew’s death. My brother grieves today as if it were yesterday.

The death of a child is the worst human emotional pain. Mr. Stallone is no stranger to the parental pain of having and raising children. His is child also a son diagnosed was diagnosed as Autistic and two out of his three daughters who were born with heart conditions requiring surgery as little ones (baby/toddler).

Those who lose their children regardless of their child’s age suffer for years in silence trying to go on with their lives. Just as my brother, Darrin. They may laugh and smile again but they will never be out of pain.

If you have a family member or friend never stop acknowledging them as parents on father’s day or mother’s day. Remind other family members to send a card, text, email or pick up the phone on important days to their child’s life. Give a hug on the memorial of the loss of their child or their child’s birthday. Offer to go and visit their child’s grave. Do something charitable no matter how small in their child’s name. Keep a framed picture up of their child.

No parent wants to feel their child has been forgotten no matter how many years pass. Even if they never speak of their loss these parents still know when someone speaks or behaves as if their child’s life had meaning. The greatest gift you can give a grieving parent is confirmation of remembrance and empathy for their feelings as a parent as they rebuild their lives for life.

These are a few of the life lessons my siblings and I have learned as coping strategies to always be there for our brother. When it comes to the children in our family we have come to an unspoken agreement. We put our subjective feelings of our parents, extended family and each other aside. That means putting the children and the role of parenting first and ahead of our own disputes, likes and dislikes of each other, and even during times when we are feuding or not speaking.

Trust me we are far from perfect. But, no matter whether or not we always like the brother who lost his child or his behavior his loss is also our loss and we will always remain supportive of him and his beautiful son our nephew, Little Mr. Sunshine.

There is no amount of money, fame or professional success that can heal the loss of a child. May Mr. Stallone and his son’s mother realize they and their family are not alone. God bless them all.

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Dialogue w/FB Friend RE: Post of The Ever-Ready Bunny Marriage

Lisa Asbell:
Let’s face it if we all did a better job of living by GOD’s standard, Things like would not happen! She is what she is. Loose. Loose. Loose. Kris Jenner loves the money and the kids laugh all the way to bank.

Dr. Leslie:
If we could all live up to our on standards that would be something. We’d have less unwanted children, bad marriages, STD’s and the like. But, we are animals first, humans next and then individuals with all kinds of experiences, behaviors and values. I don’t know her to judge her. After having seen so much in life due to my upbringing, my own life experiences, travel, career and listening to others if she’s “loose” it’s between her and “God”. Kris may not seem like an ideal mother to many but, no one needs to worry about her parenting accept her, her husband and her children. I have my own mother to think about.

Dr. Leslie:
I will say this about Kris Kardashian, (notice I didn’t say “Jenner” since she doesn’t appear to acknowledge that she is) she definitely has said and done a somethings I shake my head and think, “What is she doing?”. At the same time she has raised six (6) biological children and not one is on drugs & alcohol, homeless, unwilling to work, in and out of jail, harmed a child or accused of domestic violence, and none have spouses who are deadbeats. That is hard to do under any parenting circumstances rich or poor, black or white. I don’t have to like everything about a person or their sense of ethics to appreciate that there is good, gray and bad in all of us.

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Part 2: Chris Brown’s Opportunity

What are getting lost in the big picture, though, are Chris’s humanity and the possibility of change and redemption. He is only twenty-two years old – still young and still learning. He has made unthinkably large mistakes – mistakes that have hurt others and hurt him self. But he still has the time and means to change his patterns.

Unfortunately for Chris, fame and fortune came much too soon. He was thrust into the limelight before he had the time or tools to come to terms with his past and to deal with his anger. Instead, he has to learn under the media and public’s watchful eye. What Chris needs is a steady hand; he needs to surround himself with positive role models in the industry who can challenge him to be a better person and help him identify the real priorities in his life. He needs to create coping strategies to manage his anger, and he needs to diligently be aware of his natural impulses. His anger can lessen over the years, but it won’t go away. With ongoing treatment, he will learn to distinguish when his anger is an appropriate response to a given situation and not a knee-jerk reaction.

In order for him to mature and to have any sort of healthy relationship – whether that is with friends or with a significant other, he must learn to manage his emotions and distinguish between what reactions are justifiable and what is governed by impulse.

Moreover, as entertainment news does indeed report, Rihanna and Chris are on speaking terms again. This is a private matter on any scale, but it does have public repercussions. There are many young girls and boys who look up to and admire both Rihanna and Chris. The message both Chris and Rihanna are sending by Rihanna singing on his record, their fans – including these many young, easily influenced children – begin to see acts such as domestic violence as “not serious” and “easily dismissed.” There is no shortage of great talent in the music industry to do this record now shows a lack of good judgment not only on their part but, on their managers and producers parts as well.

The big story the media is missing is not the Grammy’s, or even a young celebrity’s crazy temperament, but instead the importance of individuals coping with their pain. Chris Brown might be a celebrity, yes, but he’s also just another human being who needs guidance. His is a very public lesson for everyone who has a past, who has emotional reactions, and who needs to learn how to deal with them.

Whether you externalize your pain – like Chris – or internalize it – like me – it can cause severe damage to you and those around you. But if you’re willing to confront these problems head on, you can begin to lead a life that isn’t dominated by anger and pain. You can one day take the proverbial stage, receive applause, and know it’s well deserved.

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