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Happy Women’s Day: Ten Reasons Why it’s Fabulous to Be a Woman

1. Prevention: We get the nuiances and details in life that lead to bigger consequences.

2. We are nuturing which supports men going out and fulfilling their dreams as a provider

3. We give the gift of life

4. We manage people in a decentralized style i.e. democratic thereby, creating a team effort rather than a Dictatorship leading to higher productivity and overall higher job satisfaction

5. We have beautiful bodies

6. We live longer

7. We have the freedom to express who we are through fashions, colors, designs. Which also means we can easily change our appearance allowing us to live out various fantasies and role play

8. There is nothing sweeter than a Mother’s love

9. We believe in communicating thereby problem solving occurs rather than lingering anger.

10. We have the ability to multi-task raising children, while running businesses and our home

Make it an Excuse Free Women’s Day!

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Men the 10 Valentine Day Don’ts

1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Be honest if you have to work
you have to work better than making her/him wait. Reschedule the
day for when you can give your full attention.

2. Don’t expect sex for your efforts. It’s a day of the heart not
the D..k.

3. Don’t stand someone up because of the implied meaning of the Day.
Communicate then your guilt free and the other person knows where
they stand.

4. Don’t be an ass and break-up with them that week. If you want out
this Valentine’s it’s too late (Schmuck) get out the week after.

5. If you’re dating Don’t be over the top. You’ll scare the other
person away.

6. Don’t make it a group date. Your guy friends or bar friends can
take care of themselves.

7. Don’t complain if she/he likes the Holiday it’s one Freak ‘in day
out of the year Suck it up!

8. Don’t contact or return contact with Ex’s on this day. She/he
will Never Forget it

9. Don’t be lazy and have your assistant, secretary or sister do your
shopping. It’s so impersonal.


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Women the 10 Don’ts Before Valentine’s Day!

1. Do Not pressure him if he hate’s this Holiday with “If you love me”
Ladies if he’s not having a good time you won’t be having a good
time. Instead, come up with an agreed upon day that’s just the two
of yours separate of an anniversary. Why wait once a year.

2. Don’t expect this should be the day he tells you he loves you, or

3. Don’t assume your having sex that night. Valentine’s Day is not a
command performance if he’s exhausted

4. You don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s if it falls on a weekday
until the weekend when the two of you can both enjoy it. Girl you
maybe the tired one

5. If he’s not romantic don’t try to change him. Find the romance in
asking him to teach you about beers, sharing what he really loves
about his work, his dreams.

6. Don’t ask him to spend money he doesn’t have for jewelry, fancy
dinners and trips. The economy is tough. If he doesn’t have the
money you are putting him on the spot. VD dinner’s & getaway’s are
very pricey. Let him keep his pride.

7. If he’s cheap then tell him you’ll shop for your own gift then take
the card and by the purse you want this year.

8. If you don’t have a Valentine’s date don’t accept one just so you
are not alone that night. It’s lonelier with someone you don’t
want than to be on your own

9. Don’t be afraid to be alone. Take yourself to dinner. Face your
fear of being alone head on. You are not the only single one out
there with these feelings.

10. Don’t call your girlfriends driving them nuts about the guy your
dating. He will either take you out or not. Make you feel
special or not. This is a true get to know him better moment. It
can open communication between you.

The more pressure you put on a man the more he wants to run from your expectations. Don’t set him up to feel he is failing you. Unless, he does that on his own then you can decide what’s best for you and that is better than flowers.

Make it an Excuse Free Valentine’s Day!

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Our Pets Born of Our Hearts: A Tribute to Buffer

Who would of thought that when Jennifer decided to name her dog, Buffer 14 years ago, how fitting that name would come to be. Jennifer wrote to me after having to face the heartbreaking experience of having “to put my sweetheart dog to sleep”.

According to Websters dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus a Buffer means to safeguard, protect, shield and cushion. As Jennifer lovingly speaks of Buffer, “She was with me thru my divorce, boyfriends, moves, jobs ….”. At the beginning and ending of each day with her by myside I knew I could move forward. I’m having a rough time with it.”

I believe the majority of us can relate to Jennifer that our relationship with are pets is far more than as a companion. The truth of the matter is that although pets are not born from our bodies, they are born from our hearts. Like Buffer our pets are our children, best-friends and a part of our family.

My early morining walks with my own little dog, Moet are much like if I was taking her to school daily. Each morning we encounter the other Moms and Dads walking their pets. Similar to having children we complain, pull our hair, laugh, and take pride with our pets over a variety of issues.

Our dogs know each other, grow old together, play, fight, bark at each other and walk with one another as we fill each other in on our pets health and behavior. We give each other tips and comment when one of the pets seems different that day, week or month. We tell each other what groomer to go to and Veterarian, and who to stay away from.

In an era of fierce individuality and technological lonliness our pets like our children help us to maintain a neighborhood of caring. Translated we as a result of our pets talk, support and give each other a simply morning “Hello” in making the day brighter for all of us. In short, a loss of our neighbors pet is a loss to the neighborhood.

To all the the “Buffers” of the world may you rest in peace. To all the Jennifers of the world much like myself we support you in your time of grief.

Love Moet & Mommy
Make it an Excuse Free Life!

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