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Politicians Are US?

Why is it that we seem so surprised when politicians have affairs? Because politicians are a reflection of our nation’s moral compass.

Politicians do, whether we like it or not, represent what is happening in the bedrooms and hotels rooms across America. If you don’t believe that extramarital relationships are pervasive, just check out websites that have been created to facilitate relationships outside of committed relationships.

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May Michael’s Children Have the Childhood they Deserve

Michael’s greatest legacy, beyond his extraordinary talent, will hopefully be the chance for his children to have the childhood that he never got to experience himself.

Despite the world’s constant speculation, none of us can ever know what his private life was truly like. Was he really one of the world’s loneliest people, isolating himself from the pressures worldwide fame had inflicted on him? Or did he lead the life he wanted, filled with the love of his adoring fans whose lives he’d touched over the years?


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Question from Twitter: How to Motivate a Lazy Teenager

I was recently asked on Twitter how to motivate a lazy teenager. I will keep my answer short and direct. They live in your house and therefore follow your rules. When they live in their own house that they pay for, they can then make their own rules. Until that day comes, it’s best to follow the classic sentiment, “forget about it”. Compromise comes only when you are addressed respectfully and they conduct their own behavior appropriately. Otherwise, they have to live by your parenting bill of rights.

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A Question from Twitter: Teenagers with Borderline Personality Disorder

Recently I’ve been “tweeting” a lot. Amid all the chatter, occasionally it proves to be a great tool for asking questions of professionals who one might not otherwise have access to. One of my followers/followees did just that. Unfortunately, Twitter is not such a lovely tool for providing real answers to serious questions. So for that, I take to this blog.

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