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One In Sickness, One In Health: Why Deathbed Marriages Endure

In Newsweek by Abby Ellin

During the six years that Kay Haskins and Dan Brigham were in a serious relationship, marriage came up only occasionally. Neither one was ready at the same time, and in 2004 they broke up. But in February 2008, Haskins and Brigham reconnected, and fell right back in love. He then told her the grim news—his prostate cancer, diagnosed in 2001, had returned. This time, marriage became the priority. They got engaged two months later, and planned for a May 2009 wedding. (more…)

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Top Ten Pick Up Lines from Married Men

I was walking my dog the other day when a man stopped traffic I heard several horns he then pulled his car over to the curb and said “Man are you beautiful, I had to stop, you look familiar, I think I know you, are you single?” I asked, “How about you?” His response was “Maybe!”


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