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Questions from Twitter: Reincarnation in Psychology and How to Love Yourself

“What are your thoughts on integrating reincarnation into psychology?”

There are many theoretical approaches to psychology. I do not know enough on the subject of reincarnation and how it would benefit the client to know about their alleged past lives. It would be unethical of me to give an opinion not in my area of expertise. However, there are on-going discussions within spirituality and mental health professionals regarding the relevance and ethical consideration of integrating the two. I wish all the best in your search for answers and coming to your own conclusions.

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Questions from Twitter: The Keys to Change in Oneself and How to a Satisfy a Wife

“How can I make my wife happy using physiological tricks to my favor?”

There are no tricks. Get a book on sex like the Kama Sutra and use it as an opportunity for you and your wife to discuss sex and what you both would like to try. It is also very helpful to understand the “physiology of a woman’s body”. Do your research through reading and speak to a male friend or doctor.This information will help you get to know more about women. However, every woman is different. Take time in bed to explore your wife’s body and what she is physically responsive to. Listen to her and her needs. Let her know it is safe to tell you know what she likes. Also, that it is okay to let you know what she would like more without feeling judged.

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VA the Death of Veterans: 18 Suicides a Day!

EIGHTEEN veterans a day commit suicide, according the VA administration.

It just so happens that I live a few blocks from the VA hospital in Los Angeles. I walk my dog, Moet, at least 2 times a day. I see the veterans walking to and from the bus stop to the VA hospital, while others find a place to sleep in the neighborhood to stay nearby, and some meet up in the VA Park to support each other. All appear unkempt, hungry, some talking to themselves; others carry everything they own, many with multiple physical health issues. These people are real, and are in need of Congress, the federal bureaucrats and the VA administration to find a system that provides timely delivery of adequate health care services.

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Too Young for A Midlife Crisis

By Lindsay Minnema in the Washington Post

Armed with a degree in political science from Northeastern University, Heidi Buchanan came to the District in June 2006 to find her dream job in public policy. What she found instead was that life after college wasn’t all she had hoped it would be.


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