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9/11: A Day of Memorial and Profound Gratitude

On this the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, we remember the innocent victims of that day and also remember those men and women who have bravely given their lives to preserve the freedoms of our country. (more…)

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Family in the New Millennium: Role Reversal

When Rosie the Riveter’s husband returned from WWII so did her life without options outside of the kitchen. American life was set in stone; men provided while women were the caretakers and housewives. This is still the American dream so many want but in reality can’t achieve because they do not have enough money to support it and therefore they feel trapped and frustrated by the responsibility to maintain it. Not to mention the relationship between the spouses has resulted more often than not in doubt and emotional stress.

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A Graceful transition: Emotional Loss of a Loved One due to Alzheimer’s

Once your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia your most immediate response is to become educated on the medical prognosis, behavioral symptoms, and medication. However, what is most often overlooked is the emotional transition that you will go through as you watch helplessly as your loved one transitions from mom, dad, spouse, sister, brother, grandparent or friend to a state of disorientation, helplessness, agitation and worst of all a child like persona that is no longer the person you once knew.


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I Applaud the “Real Housewives of America” they are the True Heroes

Thank you for your responses to my blog “The Real Housewives: Fake women coast to coast”.

Again I say, “where are the REAL housewives”? The ones who really are at home; supporting their husbands and family, cleaning and cooking, spend time at their children’s school, taking care of their parents and grandparents, working outside of the home and still caring for their children. The majority of the real housewives in this country are women who are not drinking white wine throughout the day and shopping at Gucci. They are not physically fighting on the streets, yelling in restaurants, calling each other names, lying, making fun of each other and gossiping. They have a household to run which is a full-time job that never ends; they can’t just get up and say I don’t feel like going to work today because they live at their job.

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