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The Media’s fascination with Celebrity: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is known for his quiet reserve, intense drive, his iconic athleticism, good sportsmanship, and the discipline he inherited from his father. The love of his parents and charitable contributions are well documented. A flash of his smile lights up any room and his consideration of his fans adoration is known around the world.

Tiger has never claimed to be perfect; in fact he has never given an interview discussing his personal life, his personal feelings or even his view of himself as an elite athlete. He has never discussed how he feels about attention from women. He is not known for hanging out in a fast crowd, and he has not sought attention from the paparazzi that hounds other celebrities.


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Assistance And Resources For A Victim Of Domestic Violence

Recently a member of my Face book network reached out with question about how to help her sister that is a victim of domestic violence, below is her question and my answer. Question: Do you have any suggestions or resources I could look into regarding an adult sister who just admitted that her boyfriend, who lives with her, has beaten her up a few times? I am wondering if I should insert myself into that situation, or just stand back and let the drama unfold? Maybe at least do some research?” There are numerous websites and articles on domestic violence you can Google anytime. From a simple internet search, you can also find women’s shelters, women’s groups, and information on the cycle of domestic violence (more…)

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