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“Who Let the Dogs Out”: Save an Animal this Holiday!

It recently came to my attention that the number of dogs, cats, birds, pet rats and others that are being dropped off to shelters across America has increased 30% over the last year. Many of these animals will be euthanized. The majority of these animals are home trained, with good dispositions and minimal health issues because they have been well cared for by their previous owners.

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Top Ten Pick Up Lines from Married Men

Hey everyone, with all the news about Tiger Woods and his infidelity, here’s a post I wrote over the summer about married men and why they cheat. Enjoy!

Dr Leslie Seppinni

Top Ten Pick Up Lines from Married Men

I was walking my dog the other day when a man stopped traffic I heard several horns he then pulled his car over to the curb and said “Man are you beautiful, I had to stop, you look familiar, I think I know you, are you single?” I asked, “How about you?” His response was “Maybe!”

This leads me to think about the pick-up lines married men have approached me with—So here we go my top 10 favorites:

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My Weight Gain Management at the Holidays!

Most holiday seasons I am able to control the battle of the bulge. However, this holiday season even with my expertise in emotional weight gain, I just don’t feel like being my normal well disciplined emotionally managed self. I don’t know about you but this year I would like to run through a minefield of potatoes, pizza, chocolate, bread, pasta, pie, butter, muffins, quesadillas, just anything and everything with total reckless abandon. Why? Because I am human, a woman who is still a child at heart, who doesn’t want to think about health, weight gain and loss, fitting into my jeans, portion control, water, sugar, salt, am I still attractive and who’s watching me and on and on.

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What’s YOUR Excuse? Five people will be chosen for free life coaching!

What’s YOUR Excuse?

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