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Bishop Eddie Long be Afraid, Aware and Run. God is Not with One but with ALL

When an individual comes in and puts themselves above all other’s and say’s they are THE way to enlightenment and salvation they will almost always present a real threat to that community. The outing of Bishop Eddie Long, who has replaced his face over the face of Jesus, his face over the cross and his words above all else MUST be taken seriously.

It’s easy in a closed community of people in need to want to find the answer, hope, structure and to disregard their own intuition or common sense. History has numerous examples of individuals like this Bishop who have led people to a disastrous result this does not just have to mean loss of life but financial ruin as well.

With natural and unnatural catastrophic events around the world and harsh economic times we always have to be ever vigilant against those who preach false messages.

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The Power of Global Faith during Castrophic Events and Stress

I pray for the trapped miners in Chile and their families that this horrific accident comes to a close. This is a Catastrophic Stress of tremendous proportions which requires round the clock faith from people all over the globe. Faith that the miners will do more than just survive, faith that families have the patience to withstand such pain, and faith that there are global hands stretched to embrace those who are suffering. With the families we must create a universal energy and strength to keep the victims alive. For the families do not panic, continue to take care of yourself, ask for help from neighbors and friends. Most of all know in your heart that your loved one who is trapped knows that your spirit and love is with them always and forever.

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The Case of Lindsay Lohan, All Drama, All Excuses, All the Time TOO much Emphasis on Consequence NOT Recovery

In the center of all the chaos stands a 24-yr-old young woman, a drug addict who has no sense of her own mortality, no self-worth, narcissistic and no boundaries. Why? She suffering from the disease called DRUG ADDICTION!

LINDSAY IS NOT THINKING ABOUT CONSEQUENCES. If she were thinking about consequences she would stop acting out and serve her sentence. This would mean she’d stay in a drug rehabilitation program, work with drug addiction counselors to find alternative coping strategies, new support system, and Sponsor. She would change her lifestyle, friends and associates who remind her, participate with her, or try to engage her into any drug use. She would attend AA/NA and all the others that have a capital A at the end of two letters 5-7 days a week.

This would mean her stage mother who paid more attention to making her daughter a celebrity and her derelict father would attend Alanon to understand what to do, what not to do, take responsibility for their part that has and continues to contribute to their daughter’s addiction. It would mean allowing the system and the programs to do their job.

When her parents STOP making EXCUSES for their daughter and do something other than attend court hearings there is still hope. The hardest question(s) a parent can ask their child, “Are you trying to kill yourself?”, “Are you suicidal?”, and “Do you want to die?” The question needs to be asked in a non-accusatory way with empathy. I can’t help but to wonder as Lindsay has become a pawn if they’ve asked her directly.

As for Lindsay don’t expect anytime soon that she’ll suddenly mature and get it. I believe in Excuse Free Living. Whenever the addiction began is when Lindsay stopped emotionally maturing. She will have to be drug free and in recovery before she can begin maturing again. Knock out the celebrity in her and that’s when the Excuses will stop and her life will begin. Here are a few suggestions outside of the norm:

1.Locked Rehabilitation program that DOES NOT cater to celebrities
2.Control of her assets through Conservatorship
3.A Non-celebrity sober living program.
4.All jail sentence consequences to be served after sober living when
she can really begin to take full responsibility for her actions.
Serving her sentence then will have more meaning to her.

The real question for all around her to ask is do they want

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