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Part II: Do Millionaire’s Get their $’s Worth with Patti Stanger?

Patti Stanger the queen of millionaire matchmaking gets results. The results may or may not be the client finding their “love” but more importantly they may find a greater appreciation of how to help themselves. Being controversial, verbally assaultive, and in your face is why people watch and like her. Patti unlike so many other matchmakers tells the truth, as she sees it. Those who wish to be a part of her “club” whether they are a millionaire or the millionaire seeker need to strap up and get ready for the ride.

Can she come off as downright mean? Yes! Does she give people the boot who aren’t making the effort to learn how to get and sustain the relationship they say they want? You bet your ass.
Nine out of ten times people are simply not used to hearing the truth about their behavior, communication skills, appearance and lifestyle especially those who are millionaires.

As an audience we only see the results of the first date of the first match which is not predictive of her overall results. In addition, those millionaires featured in the show are getting the service for free. They and their companies are receiving free advertising and marketing. Free also means that they have nothing emotionally or financially invested.

Unlike my experience as a matchmaker, Patti is upfront about the fact that she has her staff canvas the “streets” to find the millionaire’s special someone. A great matchmaker doesn’t just get you dates or the “one” but they should also help you identify your mindset about who you consistently are attracted to versus the type of person you say you want. Patti helps you identify if you are ready to settle down. Are you picking with your pecker or vanity? The matchmaker, as Patti does, should identify if you could use a makeover and if you‘re sitting there saying “I will not change, love me the way I am” to which Patti rightly says “good luck”. That’s why the Today Show, the View and Oprah are in part so popular because everyone loves to see a transformation.

Do I like when Patti say’s terribly hurtful saying unnecessary things to the women show cased as a possible candidate for her millionaire? No. I do not support sabotaging someone’s self-esteem out of your own frustration and anger, particularly when negative things are said that affect a woman’s body image. There are ways to do what Patti does without disempowering a person. Words can permanently hurt someone’s ability to do better for themselves and many times hurt more than physical abuse.

When needed Patti has the millionaire “client” consult with an outside expert such as a Life Coach, Stylist, or a Healing type of person. Patti has an uncanny ability to decipher what is stopping a person in truly finding love. Sometimes it’s timing, sometimes their family wants to do the choosing, sometimes their having their own self-esteem issues, ego issues and on and on.

The fact is, if you are going to be a matchmaker like Patti, you are not just going to find someone for the client, you are also going to find out what it is your doing, saying and/or wearing that is turning the person off that you want to attract. For some, especially those who are ego challenged, it’s a way of skipping psychotherapy and instead paying Patti for Life Coaching. This is not what Patti is selling nor is she interested in becoming a Life Coach however, because Patti wants you to be successful, she pushes you to want more for yourself.

Patti often says what so many of you are thinking and wish you had the balls to say. If you are watching the Millionaire Match Maker, watch to learn how you can help yourself improve and what you can do to find your special someone. Even Patti can look back and see what she can improve upon, in her lessons to others.

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It’s that Time a Year Moet has a Thanksgiving Holiday Message for All her Friends and Fans

It has come to my attention that due to harsh economic times the incidents of dogs, cats, birds, pet rats & other domesticated animals are dropped off at an increased rate of 30% over the last year. This translates to an increase of euthanized animals. Currently, 4 out 5 animals sent to shelters are euthenized. Unfortunately, there is no federal government regulation on shelters to keep updated accurate statistics, hence it is difficult to know what the total increase of euthenized animals are in recent years. It is estimated that in 2008 there were 3.7 million animals put to death; the number has continued to increase. Studies show that 7 cats and dogs are born to every human. It is critical that we as a nation take these numbers seriously. As caretaker’s of domesticated animals it is up to us to insure animals are spayed and neutered even if it’s the neighborhood dog that comes around periodically but has no real home. Shelters offer discounted prices on such procedures if nothing else you have saved a litter born on the street to unknown circumstances such as early death, disease and mistreatment.

It’s not enough to say that’s someone else’s problem we are all part of the animal kingdom and we all deserve dignity. A little help goes a long way.

Happy Thanksgiving! Make it an Excuse Free Life!!! Dr. Leslie and Moet Seppinni P. S. Moet’s the dog.

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Excuse Free Moment – Acts of kindness for brides who lost their gowns

It sits in your closet year after year and unless you plan on passing it down there is no excuse for not selling it at a much lower price, lending it to someone you know or giving it away to a bride to be who cannot afford their dream dress.

In fact for those of you looking for a strapless, beautiful beaded simple design with a gorgeous lace train facebook me and I will send you a photo of my dress. Write me on facebook about you and your special someone, where and when you are to be married with a picture of the two of you.

Lending or giving your wedding dress to make another woman’s dream come is priceless. Begin your holiday season and New Year with a gift that will make someone else’s special day as memorable and as wonderful as your own.

Everyone woman deserves to have one of the most important journey’s of their life begin feeling like a princess.

My wedding dress awaits a wonderful bride.

Check out what Sarah Evans did with her wedding dress. Click here

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Find Your Inner Rock Star for Less

Despite soaring unemployment rates, you can still express your inner rock star, refresh your look, and find an inexpensive and fun way to express yourself. There is an inner rock star in all of us and with simple cost-effective appearance changes, you too can feel revitalized without the rock star drama. Are you one of those people who must have the latest hot jeans, trendy shoes, and a revolving door of arm candy, but you’re cash poor after club door fees and bar bills? Then isn’t it time to simplify the drama in your life? What if your inner rock star could make changes without running up credit card bills, paying high interest rates, returning items, or paying the rent late?

These days you can find hair dye, root touch-up, and highlighting products on sale regularly for as low as $4.99. Try inviting a few girls over for a hair dyeing party. Rather than window shopping at the mall and thinking about all that you can’t afford, create a clothes party with neighbors, friends, and family. Ask a friend whose look you admire to share some of her make-up, hair, and clothing secrets. Making a whole new outfit out of an old one can be as simple as taking some risks, and as easy as taking a top you already have in your closet and adding a camisole. Be sure to check out the back of your closet. You will be shocked what you find there that’s back in style.

Bring your old clothes into one of the many clothing stores that will do trades. Or, you can have the store sell your clothes and give you a percentage of the sale price. That money goes back in your pocket to pay for some new clothes. Remember that these days the only one who cares about who designed your jeans is you. Men are not looking for the label. They’re looking at the “junk in your trunk.” These days you no longer have to spend $200 to get a great pair of jeans. It’s possible to find jeans that look amazing, fit your body, and no longer show the crack of your butt for as low as $40.

Polishing nails is no longer just for women. Men are expressing their inner rock star by putting on nail polish. They’re also making inexpensive leather bracelets to wear, or tying on a mid-size cotton scarf that can transform a plain shirt into a hip sexy look.

Sunglasses can give you that mysterious look for $5 and up. Your husband’s old worn-out leather belt can now be an accessory for you. You can find cheap costume jewelry at Target, Wal-Mart, or The Limited that make your outfit look expensive. A good- looking inexpensive watch in a color can make up for a lack of jewelry and add some funkiness to your look. Patterned stockings and leggings are an inexpensive way of changing the look of a dress.

Make dressing a fun creative activity. Put your clothes out on your bed and ask your kid(s) what they think. Kids often know what’s in fashion before adults do.

Finally, finding your inner rock star can be as simple as a flower in your hair, a new fragrance, or a hot bra underneath a shear shirt with a small jacket thrown over it.

Find your inner rock star. Make your life Excuse Free!

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