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Trump stop wasting everyone’s time

What a week. Whether you are a Democrat or Rebublican finally Trump gets hit with the reality he’s not God. Celebrity’s are no longer passively listening to his rhetoric out of fear of his verbal retaliation. It is the American way to stand up for what you believe and some celebraties are doing just that.¬† They are keeping their commitment to give money to the charity’s they promised. However, they have refused to attend his funtions. Whether or not he likes President Obama while the man is in office Trump needs to show him some respect.

If Donald’s main call to action against Obama is Obama’s Certificate of Birth and the economy he should rethink his priority’s. If this is what he’s leading with he doesn’t have a shot in hell.¬† The first is a complete waste of time and the latter, well just take a look at his financials.¬† If he ran the country the way he runs his businesses, forget about it.¬† I wish he would stop all of his grand standing and make a decision run or don’t run.¬† Trump stop wasting everyone’s time. Your not paying for all the free media we are.¬† Make it an Excuse Free Day!

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