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Chris Brown Televised Performances: Forgive or Forget???

You can’t seem to turn on the entertainment news these days without hearing the name Chris Brown. His performances at the Grammy Awards and the 2012 NBA All-Star game was a thing of shock and awe, but mostly because of his temperament, not his talent.

At the mere age of twenty-two, Chris Brown is once again headline news. At nineteen years old, when his beating of Rihanna became public fodder, he gained the title domestic violence abuser before he could legally drink alcohol. It was the visible start of a pattern that would only erupt further. In December 2010, he made disparaging remarks related to molestation and the gay community, while explicitly throwing around the “N” word. In 2011, he infamously threw a chair at a Good Morning America window and destroyed his dressing room.

These are but a few of the many episodes where Chris demonstrated his impulsive reactions and clear problems with anger. As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Marriage Family Therapist, it’s easy to key in on Chris’ issues – his severe anger management problems and his tremendous need to develop coping mechanisms – but more so, it’s easy to see why they continue to proliferate.

The key chord in Chris’ story is celebrity. The problem with fame and talent is that they don’t often speak truth into a person’s life. Celebrity excuses and tolerates abhorrent behavior on an astronomical scale. When you’re in the limelight, there is always someone who is willing to love you, adore you, and praise you no matter what. It’s exceedingly difficult to find honest people who truly care about you enough to say what you need to hear.

When you consider Chris performing on the Grammys, you see a clear indicator of celebrity priority. In the entertainment world, Chris’ talent and fame trumps his lack of moral fiber. The Grammy’s viewership and donor base made the call: it’s more important to be entertained than to be ethical. If he were in the real world and had so recently committed an act of domestic and physical violence, how quickly do you think his neighbors, friends, and family would be to sweep him in and put him in a position of praise? Instead of being set to the side, the Grammys chose to let him perform, sending out a message that seems to endorse the wrong values and – just as importantly – encourages Chris to only continue to act the way he has grown used to: impulsively and dangerously. If there is no punishment, after all, there must be no crime.

If the Grammy’s and other televised shows wish to show case Chris as their headliner at least make the effort to let the viewing audience know that this is the year they are putting more funds and efforts into helping domestic violence victims and perpetrators rehabilitate. Since the Grammy’s supports a number of charity’s the least they can do this year is make this their number one priority partnering with Chris Brown to send the right message. Domestic Violence is unacceptable and requires on-going anger management treatment to be eradicated.

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Valentine’s Day

Do you know the real meaning of Valentine’s Day? It’s not about gifts, romance or religious beliefs. It’s about commitment. In 496 AD, St. Valentine was imprisoned for his curiosity, conviction, courage and commitment. The importance of today lies within the four C’s and that we may all remember to do the same.

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Josh Powell Suicide, Murder Tragic Death

Thank you Dr. Drew for having me on last night’s show. It is a shame we had to discuss such a horific tragedy at the hands of Josh Powell. Chuck, Judy & the Cox family, you are in my heart and prayers daily. Many hugs…

Thank you to all of the viewers that tuned in and purchased my book ‘Who Is Casey Anthony’ Understanding the Motherly Motivation to Murder.

Book signing dates Coming Soon….

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The Fascination of Tim Tebow: Is it Him or Is it Us?

At the young age of 24 years Tim Tebow represents what I refer to as the 4 C’s Curiosity, Conviction, Courage & Commitment. He chooses to live EXCUSE FREE. A rare quality at such a young age but one grounded in his faith in God, his parents, football and charitable acts. Evangelical Christian beliefs in white Americans have become associated with the far right of the Republican Party, pushed harder to the right as a response to our harsh economic times. At a time when the country is polarized between the right appearing to become stronger in their beliefs and the left appearing weaker measured by lack of economic growth, the last three plus years of Tim Tebow’s fame have become the embodiment of church vs. state, republican vs. democrat, and in meeting the social needs of the have not’s, the Bronco’s Gladiator vs. Tebow as the People’s Gladiator.

Although a devout Christian, Tim Tebow is all of he above, thereby breaking the rules in choosing what best fits him and living accordingly. Rather than living up to the stereotype of the hot jock or the young athlete who fails and finally learns humility, he succeeds, with humility. We like to watch people struggle then get back up so our myopic world stays intact. Hopeful.

We want to know at the end of the day that guy is one of us. Tebow upsets the generation of football fans, reality TV, press (in all formats) and social media as a football player who is unabashed about remaining a virgin. Many people live vicariously through athletes like Tim Tebow sexy, handsome, access to models, and no shortage of money; considered a walking reality show just by being. Unfortunately, this same generation is all too eager to lose their virginity and test a new love prospect by having sex on by the third date. Maybe, its time we take a look at our norm regarding sexual intimacy and focus on whom the person is in front of us first than what’s in their pants.

In Tim Tebows reflection we are threatened by our own laziness to do the work, our self-centeredness and our unwillingness to take a risk. I believe the controversy of Tim Tebow does not lie within him or his behavior of kneeling on the football field but of his representation of the multiple cross roads our country is at socially, politically and spiritually.

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