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Treyvon Martin’s Life: A Bright Light in the Fight for Civil Rights

The tragic and unnecessary loss of 17-year-old Treyvon has united people across the nation. Treyvon’s bright light shines from beyond and has inspired people to step forward and give voice to the voiceless. Treyvon’s life will not be in vein. His story challenges the state laws of Florida; challenges issues of racism; and challenges the federal government to insure equality in police investigations that are intentionally flawed and in just.

My heart goes out to both his family and friends. Treyvon will surely be missed, but never forgotten.

Make it an Excuse Free Life!

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Part 2: Chris Brown’s Opportunity

What are getting lost in the big picture, though, are Chris’s humanity and the possibility of change and redemption. He is only twenty-two years old – still young and still learning. He has made unthinkably large mistakes – mistakes that have hurt others and hurt him self. But he still has the time and means to change his patterns.

Unfortunately for Chris, fame and fortune came much too soon. He was thrust into the limelight before he had the time or tools to come to terms with his past and to deal with his anger. Instead, he has to learn under the media and public’s watchful eye. What Chris needs is a steady hand; he needs to surround himself with positive role models in the industry who can challenge him to be a better person and help him identify the real priorities in his life. He needs to create coping strategies to manage his anger, and he needs to diligently be aware of his natural impulses. His anger can lessen over the years, but it won’t go away. With ongoing treatment, he will learn to distinguish when his anger is an appropriate response to a given situation and not a knee-jerk reaction.

In order for him to mature and to have any sort of healthy relationship – whether that is with friends or with a significant other, he must learn to manage his emotions and distinguish between what reactions are justifiable and what is governed by impulse.

Moreover, as entertainment news does indeed report, Rihanna and Chris are on speaking terms again. This is a private matter on any scale, but it does have public repercussions. There are many young girls and boys who look up to and admire both Rihanna and Chris. The message both Chris and Rihanna are sending by Rihanna singing on his record, their fans – including these many young, easily influenced children – begin to see acts such as domestic violence as “not serious” and “easily dismissed.” There is no shortage of great talent in the music industry to do this record now shows a lack of good judgment not only on their part but, on their managers and producers parts as well.

The big story the media is missing is not the Grammy’s, or even a young celebrity’s crazy temperament, but instead the importance of individuals coping with their pain. Chris Brown might be a celebrity, yes, but he’s also just another human being who needs guidance. His is a very public lesson for everyone who has a past, who has emotional reactions, and who needs to learn how to deal with them.

Whether you externalize your pain – like Chris – or internalize it – like me – it can cause severe damage to you and those around you. But if you’re willing to confront these problems head on, you can begin to lead a life that isn’t dominated by anger and pain. You can one day take the proverbial stage, receive applause, and know it’s well deserved.

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