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My tragedy to triumph life experience has taught me that YOU are not defined by your circumstance, but by YOUR dreams. I created my Excuse Free philosophy by overcoming adversity, my education and professional experience as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and as a Crisis Intervention Specialist. My Excuse Free philosophy teaches you how to manage your emotions and fulfill your passions utilizing the 4 C's: Curiosity, Conviction, Courage and Commitment. YOU have everything you need to have YOUR reality match YOUR dreams.

You make excuses to hide from your fears because you believe you do not deserve it or are not smart enough. You use excuses because your life seems like too much work.

I have discovered that it's not the size of the problem; it is the size of the feeling. What if you could finally let go of your fears? Let's make YOUR life Excuse Free.

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Prevention & Gratitude Working Together Can Save Lives: An Excuse Free Case

http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Plot-Cannibal-Cop-Verdict-Trial--196429351.html The article above for me is not about the sensationalism of the so-called, ‘Plot-Cannibal-Cop’ but, the prevention of the murder, rape & kidnaping of innocent lives. During my years working as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, Police assistance in some cases was absolutely necessary. However, growing up w
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