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Who Is Casey Anthony?
Dr. Leslie Seppinni

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Regular Contributor on The Nancy Grace Show
“After the murder of her two-­year-­old little girl, Caylee, “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony’s murder trial gripped the nation. Now, through the eyes of renowned psychologist Dr. Leslie Seppinni, we finally get answers to so many riddles left unanswered at trial.”
Nancy Grace
"Outstanding. She makes no excuses for the loss of Caylee. She minces no words as to who was responsible."
Brian Oxman
“If you read only one book on the historic trial of Casey Anthony, then this is it!”
Mark Geragos

The sensational case of Casey Anthony gripped the nation in a shared feeling of horror and disbelief. Casey was found “not guilty” of murdering her two-­year-­old daughter, Caylee, but the majority of people were outraged by the verdict. Most followers of this landmark trial remain convinced that Casey was guilty. And the looming question for them is why? What provokes or motivates a mother to kill her child? Was Casey deranged, or, in a moment of rage, did she just snap?

In , renowned psychologist Dr. Leslie Seppinni explores the pathway of Casey’s lies to her ultimate escape from justice. A mixed-­race woman who truly knows adversity, Dr. Seppinni survived abandonment, abuse, that a mother doesn’t have to come from a wretched background with a terrible history of abuse in order to murder her child. Women can be—and have proven to be—cold-­blooded killers. Believing TV psychologists and psychiatrists have become too “solution focused” and have virtually turned the mental health profession into “life coaching with a prescription pad,” Dr. Seppinni takes a hard look at moms who kill—and why—to prove that women have the same narcissistic reasons and motivations in the moment of murder as men—the pursuit of dominance, lifestyle, love and money.

FOREWORD by Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Geragos
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